Toronto Vehicular Theft

Local Sources confirm that there has been a significant rise in vehicular theft all across Toronto Canada. Toronto police say that they have experienced a 29 percent increase in vehicular thefts in recent years. Police and the Insurance Bureau claim that vehicle owners are making it to easy for thieves to make off with there automobile. Just last year their were a reported 4,000 vehicle stolen all across the GTA. Sources indicate that it has been increasing over time and is not approaching pandemic levels. This increase has went up by as much as 1,000 vehicles from normal reports. The vehicle makes most popular among the thieves are Toyota, Honda and Sebadics. The central district of Canada has reported a 240% increase in thefts year-to-date from last year. Most vehicles are being stolen do to an electrical override, thieves are using cloned keys to gain access to the vehicle and drive away. Another popular theft method revolves around bringing a computer to the scene of the crime and using diagnostics on the vehicles port to program a new key to use and steal the car. There is a variety of method’s that can be used to prevent the theft of your automobile. These include, Wheel boot chocks and Steering wheel clubs, Alarm systems, a kill switch installed on the ignition and OBD port locks. These devices usually range from $80 to $200, this may seem expensive to some but overall is worth the money to keep your vehicle your’s.