Autoparts rising prices

Already expensive auto parts could see a price raise ranging from 4% to 17%. This potential spike in prices could be the direct result of new tariffs imposed by the US government. A manager for a NAPA auto parts store wrote that from December 12th through January, prices will spike. A simple car battery will increase in price by as much as $20, a spokesperson for a nut and bolt company says their prices will also increase, their items are expected to increase by 5% to 10% over the same tariffs imposed by the Government. This news has several people that work in the automotive repair industry worried, as well as individuals working on project cars. With the price of parts increasing, the cost to go to a mechanic will more than likely also increase. The signed agreement that imposes the new tariffs will pertain to the exportation and importation of vehicle and parts from the US to Canada. Canada will be allowed to export up to 2.6 million into the US, tariff free. This is a significant increase over the normal 1.8 million allowed to cross borders between Canada and the US. Canada will be keeping all rights to how many vehicle’s and parts are sent, the US does not have power in that aspect. Production for vehicle demand in Canada is steadily declining so the outsourcing to the US will provide steady jobs and payment into the future.