Car Ransom

Having a vehicle stolen is no big news, it happens everyday and anyone can become a target. Having a Vehicle stolen and held for ransom, that is something that requires attention. Staff Sgt. Brain Kay from Toronto Canada comments in his 32 years on the job, he has never seen something like this happen in Toronto. It all started with a phone call one cold morning, an individual got in their car and started the ignition to let the vehicle warm up, it was then let unattended for a period of time. While the car was unattended someone hoped in it and drove off, this is nothing new to the city, what followed next is. No more than a few minutes has passed since the vehicle was stolen, when the owner of the call was contacted by the thief. The individual was instructed to come up with $2,500 right away and the vehicle would be returned. In this specific case, the individual had important work related documents that could not be stolen or lost, the individual paid the thief before contacting local police forces. By the time police arrived on scene the suspect was long gone, surprisingly enough the suspect pulled the same move on someone else shortly after. This individual contacts police first and arranged for the drop off to be done by the cops, police were able to meet with the suspect and catch the criminal responsible, to everyone’s surprise it was a 16 year old teenager behind the acts.