Car Vending Machine

An online retailer (Carvana) opened a tower in Indianapolis, this tower holds 26 vehicles that can be purchased by inserting a giant coin. Once done the car is dispensed to the buyer, this process takes just a few minutes and once completed the buyer can drive off with there new car. The exterior of the tower is made with all glass, the tower is designed to hold a whopping 26 vehicle at one time and is the first of its kind in the state. When asked why the company would take this approach, there response was “because car buying shouldn’t suck”. Customers have the option to browse and shop over 10,000 vehicles on the company’s website, they then can schedule to pick up their selected vehicle. Once a decision has been confirmed, the buyer has to insert an over sized novelty coin to dispense said vehicle, another option allows for delivery right to the individuals home. If an individual decides to go to the tower directly, they will be met with a Caravan employee whom will provide them with the coin. Buyer have the chance to drive the car for a week before deciding if they want to keep it, if they do not they can receive a refund or opt to swap it for another vehicle. Indianapolis is just one of the states that have adopted this unique method, other’s include Texas and Tennessee, Maryland, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio.