Coffee Makers for in the car?

Whether you are headed out on a long road trip, or simply making the commute to work, many people enjoy having a cup of coffee in the vehicle. There are always the two options of bringing coffee from home in a to go cup or travel mug, or picking up coffee at a drive thru window. However, a lesser known option involves brewing coffee in the actual vehicle.

These portable coffee machines often plug in to the cigarette lighter just like other electronic devices. Fewer options are powered by battery sources in case you typically need access to your cigarette lighter or USB jack for other items. Since eating and drinking while driving can cause dangerous distractions, it is best to either have a passenger arrange, make and pour the coffee, or to do those steps before pulling out of the parking spot. Making a quick pulled over stop is another option. It will likely still save time compared to going through a drive through, and over time, save you money as well. The coffee produced will also be adjusted to your personally desired strength, temperature, and taste. Some portable models even have cut off temperature gauges so that coffee is not scalding.

Portable car coffee makers are available in a range of prices, materials, and brewing capacities. Consider needs such as complexity of use, durability, size, and brew time before making a purchase. Travel coffee makers are available from both online and physical retailers.