Impared Driving Doesn’t Always Involve Alcohol or Drugs

There are many drivers who would never think of getting behind the wheel of a car after they’ve had a few drinks. Yet, some of these same drivers think nothing of getting behind the wheel when they’re tired. Research has shown that driving while tired can be just as much of an impairment as driving while under the influence. When you drive while sleepy, you are an impaired driver.

Missing a couple of hours of sleep can increase the risk of a crash. In fact, drivers who don’t get enough sleep double their risk of being involved in a crash. Statistics show that thousands of automobile crashes each year are the result of driving while drowsy. These crashes result in 100s of fatalities every year.

To protect yourself and others make sure that you get enough sleep. If you start to feel drowsy while you’re driving, pull off to the side of the road. Many think that they can make it home or to their destination, only to fall asleep at the wheel.

Remember that no matter where you have to be, the most important thing is to get there safely. If you’re tired, take a nap before hitting the road. It’s always better to be late, and safe than to take a dangerous risk.