The Most Stolen Cars In Canada

When new cars come out on the market, there are always thieves looking to obtain one that they don’t have. However, what about all of the other cars that are stolen? There are many cars that are stolen each day, and many lives are ruined because of this unwarranted deed. Canada is notorious for a few highlighted cars that are stolen each year, and most of them get stolen around New Year’s Eve. Therefore, a few of the most stolen cars are listed below so you may take notice if you are near one, you can help society keep an eye open for these thieves.

• Lexus GX460 AWD SUV 2015
• Ford F-350 SD 4WD ’07, ’06, ’05, ’04, ’03, ’02, & ‘01
• Toyota 4Runner 4DR 4WD SUV 2016
• Ford F-250 SD 4WD 2006

In conclusion, when you are thinking of getting a traveling or getting a new car for the holidays, check to make sure that vehicle is not on the list mentioned above to reduce the chances of your car being stolen. It will cost you way more to get your vehicle replaced than to just decide to look for a different option that may be available. Another great tip for the owners of the vehicle mention above would be to look into getting additional security added to prevent the unwanted thieves touching your car. You will feel more secure when you head out for your next holiday party. There are many cars that are stolen each year, so keep an eye out for these lists, as it will only increase awareness of the current owners, and the potential new owners of the vehicles.