One Of The Greatest Racing Tracks In The World – Nürburgring

People passionate about racing might find it surprising that someone does not know what Nürburgring is. Located in Germany, this race track is arguably one of the greatest track that the world has to offer. Having seen hundreds of famous races and incredible lap records, Nürburgring is a popular attraction for hard core fans of Motorsports.

The Sheer Size
This complex can host as many as 150,000 people, main track is over 12 miles long, and it has a 1,000 feet elevation between the lowest and the highest point. When they are not undergoing speeds of over 150 miles per hour, the drivers participating in races get to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Notable Events
As the track is the king of all tracks, it facilitates the king of all racing sports – Formula One. Drivers such as Michael Schumacher had a chance to race on the 3.2-mile-long circuits, and he is a record holder of a incredible lap time that was set over 15 years ago. The driving time of 1.29 minutes remains unbeatable, thus granting the track notoriety for its hardcore turns and curves.
Furthermore, the reputation of Nürburgring is amplified by the fact that German, European, and Luxembourg Grand Prix were held here. Super-bike World Championship also took place at this track and fans of motorcycles had a chance to witness their favorite drivers race.

The Original Purpose 
Nürburgring was made to be used as testing grounds for new vehicles. Due to its construction ways, it perfectly facilitates racing sports as the track was built to help manufacturers push cars to their limits. Nowadays, this giant track is visited very often by famous drivers who participate in the large events. Records, sight-seeing, and many more offerings of this track help make the city of Nürburg a place worth visiting!