Halifax mix up

A shopper in Halifax UK was in for far more of a surprise than discounted food. The incident occurred Sunday around 6:30 p.m, there was a 911 call placed for a stolen vehicle. According to the report given by the female victim, she had entered the store after parking beside an almost identical car in the parking lot. When the woman returned from shopping, she discovered her car was missing, that’s when she made the call. According to police officials, a man exiting the store climbed inside the female’s parked vehicle and drove away. It was a simple mix up, that could easily happen given the similarities in the two vehicle’s. They are both white Hyundai Santa Fe’s manufactured between 2016 and 2017. Given how similar the cars looked, adding the fact they were parked side by side, the mix up is understandable. Officials say it was an honest mistake and although it is very rare, it does happen. Shortly after the man took the wrong vehicle he realized his mistake and actually had just finished filling the gas tank. The man returned the vehicle to it’s rightful owner and was actually compensated for the purchase he made filling the tank. Official’s claim that it was a happy ending for everyone involved, mistakes happen and there was no need to file charges for theft.