The US is speeding toward its First National Law for Self-Driving Cars

Recently Google has been making significant advances in the field of self-driving cars and they are not the only group interested in driverless cars. Entrepreneur, Elon Musk, has also expressed interest in these types of vehicles and there are many major automakers who are participating in this vehicle revolution. The interest that these companies are generating with their activities has led to the US having to consider major legislation to prepare for a world where self-driving cars will be the norm.

There have already been places that have been actively putting self-driving cars on the road to test them against vehicles being driving by people. In particular the state of Virginia has been very active in this endeavor. The state has been participating in this revolution by picking designated areas for the vehicles to be tested at. In these situations there have been basic laws put in place to ensure safety, and a few laws have been implemented to protect the people involved with these tests. So far the tests have been very successful in the state and there has been major talk of expanding the tests outside of the designated areas. The governor of Virginia wants to turn the state into a state that represents technological advancement so he has placed his government behind self-driving cars.

In other places besides Virginia there have been test of self-driving cars, but unlike in Virginia most of the time these vehicles are not left to drive completely on their own. In other places these vehicles are equipped with a steering wheel on the passenger side with a real person behind it to take over in case something goes wrong. Tests have been very good, so more money is being spent on self-driving vehicles. The US government has seen the direction that vehicle technology is going in, so it has no choice but to prepare for a future where self-driving cars on are the road.