Top 5 Automotive Trends in 2018

The automotive industry is changing rapidly due to technology. Manufacturers, dealers, mechanics and drivers can all expect to see major changes that will impact them into the future. Here are some of the top automotive trends that we will see as we head towards 2018.

The idea of autonomous vehicles has been discussed extensively lately and has been reported on widely in the news. While we are a long way off from our roads being dominated by autonomous vehicles, they are a trend in the automotive sector.

Manufacturers are starting to invest more money into them and create more of them as well. Expect to see more autonomous vehicles released in 2018 and beyond. They should become better, safer and more reliable. This trend represents the ability for people with disabilities or who are unable to drive to be able to use a car to get around.

Car sharing is another trend that is hot right now in the automotive field. Some people believe we are headed to a more shared economy. Sharing where you pay by the mile or minute presents an interesting business opportunity for car dealerships. Instead of just selling you an entire vehicle or leasing you one, they can essentially charge you for the use of the vehicle instead. Expect some developments in this field in the near future.

Blockchain is a new technology that can have a big impact on manufacturers. It can record all of the parts and equipment used in the production of a car. This can lead to better management as well as reduction in counterfeiting and wrong parts. This technology can improve safety as well by ensuring proper parts are used in the vehicles during the manufacturing process.

Automotive repair shops, mechanics and car owners can benefit from augmented reality, which is also a growing trend in the automotive sphere. This development will let mechanics peak into vehicle interiors to see where repairs are needed. The result could be time and money saved for both the mechanic and the owner of the vehicle.

3D printing is a trend that can change how cars are made. This new technology can make cars less expensive and easier to repair. 3D printing can make the exterior of the vehicle much more easy to replace and customize. One possibility is being able to convert a sedan into a minivan with the use of 3D printed car parts.