The Top Five Winter Tires

If driving in the winter is inevitable, then it’s important to make sure that a vehicle has good winter tires. All-season winter tires won’t cut it, either, they have to be tires designed to handle the harsh winter conditions. So which ones are the best?

There are many kinds of winter tires, but the most highly rated are the BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO. This tire is suitable for trucks and SUVs and handles very well. It is an ideal tire for light snow.

The Bridgestone Blizzaks WS70 does well in driving in the ice and snow and is ideal for driving in even the harshest winter conditions. These tires are very reliable.

The Continental ExtremeWinterContact tires are great high-traction tires. They even have their very own high-tech winter tread pattern with grooves, sipes, and treads, that expel water quickly to improve traction. They are also budget-friendly.

The Michelin X-Ice Xi2 tire rides well in both winter and summer conditions and excels on the ice. It has also ranked highest in the Consumer Reports’ Winter Tire category and is an excellent product overall. It has extra deep grooves and Cross Z-Sipes that are curved for extra traction.

The best studless snow tires are the Hakkapeliitta R. tire. They were originally made by a Finnish company called Nokian in the 1930s and are highly efficient. They are ideal for driving in the snow and are still around for good reason.

Investing n good snow tires is important. Tires designed for driving in the winter and in winter conditions will give the driver better overall handling and will keep its passengers safe. Plus, if tires are alternated with summer tires, then it is actually halving the wear, and it will not be necessary to buy new tires quite as often.