Dont Buy This Car!

We have all seen auto ads, they are most of the time very predictable and easily skimmed over. The Volvo company took a new approach on the old tired classic, there headline simply reads “Don’t Buy This Car”. It seems they took the wrong direction on how to sell a car but there is a method to their madness. The Volvo company is trying to get their drivers to turn towards subscriptions, similar to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. They are look for customers to pay a one time single monthly payment that will cover repairs and various fee’s. This is a plan that Volvo hopes will account for half of its output by the year 2025. A bold and risky move but in today’s modern fast moving economy, new innovative ideas can put a company over the top. It has been described as an hassle free very transparent way of owning a vehicle. A limited trial was preformed in Europe and the US over the past year. In October, Volvo introduced a nationwide operation in Germany, given subscription to almost all of its models. A subscription differs from the general lease, there is no end of lease fee or down payment required. The price for the subscription covers a variety of things, automotive insurance and roadside assistance, tire installation and taxes are a few of the things offered with the subscription.